About Us

Who is HEDI?

HEDI is a small team of engineers, software developers, and lifestyle experts who have come together to elevate the art, science, and technology of aromatherapy.

  • HEDI is aromatherapy elevated.
  • HEDI is for safety minded people.
  • HEDI is anyone over 21
  • HEDI is for people who love tech and use phones, gadgets, and electronics as part of an active lifestyle.
  • HEDI is for people who have carbon concerns and would rather plug-and-play vs. torch-and-burn.
  • HEDI is for those who want to unlock their endocannabinoid systems.

What is HEDI?

If you love natural healing herbs and aromatherapy when combined with the power of an advanced delivery system than you will love HEDI products.

  • HEDI is next gen tech.
  • HEDI is the ultimate e-rig.
  • HEDI is the Tesla of dabbing.
  • HEDI is terpene presets, precise temperature control, and heating algorithms designed to elevate the way you medicate and recreate.
  • HEDI is the future of unlocking the power of plants and putting their beneficial compounds quickly, safely and easily into your complex human body. HEDI is phone and touchscreen based software that is designed to enhance your experience.

When is HEDI?

HEDI was founded in 2018, in Oregon, USA. HEDI products are available now for wholesale orders. Please fill out this form so we can send you some information to get HEDI into the hands of folks first!

If you’re ready for a Hedi conversation, please contact us.

Where is HEDI?

HEDI Headquarters is in Portland, Oregon, USA.


HEDI, Inc. was created from the vision of making it not just possible, but easy to unlock the powerful combination of nature and technology.

  • Because vaping, dabbing, or aromatherapy can be safer and more powerful with the right tools and technology.
  • HEDI is plug and play right out of the box. Simply plug in and in a few moments it is ready to use.
  • HEDI is touch screen powerful. Use a phone or touch screen device to unlock the most powerful features.