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It's time to upgrade the way you enjoy essential oils.

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HEDI's unique precision heat control and Flavor Guide, with preset terpene boiling points, make it easy to unlock the full flavor of all your favorite terpenes.


No Torch! Accurate and easy to customize temperature settings. Avoid burning, wasting, and harshness. Use Clean Mode to keep your premium quartz banger in tip-top shape.


It's your dab-know no limits! The HEDI Flux puts powerful dabbing features at your fingertips. Use Flux Mode™ to start low and fluctuate up through the various terpene boiling points, landing in the endocannabinoid end zone.

HEDI is an accurate, easy way to control how you dab.

Dish Temp

Unlike all other E-Nails, the HEDI Flux tracks the Dish Temperature by default, so you know the actual temperature and boiling point of your banger. All HEDI E-Nails come pre-programmed and tuned with options for the most popular bangers and coils on the market!

Terp Presets

The HEDI Flux Flavor Guide Terp Presets are the future of dabbing. No more guess work or wasting of your precious oils!

Flux Mode™

A perfectly-timed temperature ramp-up allows you to start your dab at a lower temperature and experience the full-range of terpene flavor profiles. Using Flux Mode™ along with the Flavor Guide gives you a truly unsurpassed experience.

Bluetooth 4/LE

The HEDI experience is delivered via Bluetooth connectivity, and is compatible with the iPhone® 6-X and most Android™ devices running 5.0/Lollipop or newer.

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Can I return it?

The HEDI Flux is designed and built in Portland, Oregon for those seeking a premium dabbing experience for life. Check out our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Please read our Return Policy here before you purchase.

Does it come with a banger?

A banger, or quartz banger, is the bowl or vessel that the oil is placed into. It is this piece that is wrapped in the metal coil that applies the heat. We have sourced premium quality 25mm bangers and matching coils that are available in steady supply. A quartz banger is included, and you can add an extra banger or accessories to your order. Check out HEDI bangers.

Where can I get the App?

The HEDI app is currently available on the App Store and on Google Play.

App Store
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What coils can I use?

HEDI coils and bangers are premium quality, and pair perfectly with the HEDI Flux. HEDI supports 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, and 30mm sizes; barrel, flat, extended-barrel, and axial types in 100 or 150W at 110-250V. In addition, HEDI is pre-tuned to work with a variety of the top coils and quartz bangers. We use the Industry Standard Pinout: AC Load [1], AC Neutral [2], TC+ [3], TC- [4], Ground [5]. Check out the full list of supported equipment.

Will it work on 220V?

The HEDI Flux is plug-and-play and ready-to-dab at a preset temperature of 560°F, and works flawlessly on 220-250V mains. Just make sure you've got a 220V coil, and change the Voltage setting in the App. Check out our selection of HEDI coils!

What if I need help?

First, make sure you've read the Getting Started guide and have the App installed. Chances are, everything will work right out-of-the-box. If something goes wrong and you need help, email us for support. We'll help you get up and running.

We are HEDI

HEDI was created by a West Coast glassblower and fabricator, and a software engineer. Their collective vision was to create a powerful, but simple, solution that makes it easy for anyone to unlock the power of plant-oil extracts in a modern and efficient way.

- - -

In the past five years, the art and science of creating plant extracts has exploded across over half of America, and beyond.
Portland, Oregon is right smack-dab in the middle of this cultural revolution.

People want total control of what they eat, drink; what goes into their bodies. We have created HEDI brand products to fit seamlessly into active lifestyles.

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